Tuesday, August 21, 2012

'It's so nice to be with you!....'

Words from a song seem appropriate...and yes, another Multiply refugee has landed.


  1. Hey there ... there should be an option somewhere on your front page for me to click on so that I can follow you ... I think if you go to my front page ... you should also get that option? ... Everything here is relatively easy apart from adding friends ~smile~ .....

  2. There is also a setting somewhere in design for you to cancel this variation code one has to type in before one can comment.

  3. Am also a Multiply refugee - hope you don't mind, but am connecting with your blog - the more the merrier.

  4. hi, you do not seem to have the add thingie, ( I am eeveefoo from multiply )

  5. Glad to see you made it over here from MP. Do you know of a way on here to see who who the members are and hnow to issue an invitation?
    I've got alist of tutorials, but I haven't found instructions for this one yet.

    1. Hi Tim..I haven't found out anything more than hitting the subscribe button when I find someone.
      If you see something in those tutorials let me know? If I find out I'll do the same.

  6. Hi Jules!! So glad I found you! In your dashboard, go to your layout and add widgets. My internet isn't working today or I'd give you a proper how-to. I'm going by memory. Your dashboard is at http://www.blogger.com/home - if you click on arrow next to the double page icon next to the orange pencil icon, it will have a list. Go to Layout and add the Follow Me.

    There you can add the friend-connect thing, but I pretty much add people to my reading list on that page.

    Tim, your best way to issue an invitation is to comment on their blog and make sure they know who you are and who you were on MP. They can then click through to your blog and follow you there.

    Blogger is complicated... wish everyone would go to Wordpress lol Sorry this comment has been so confusing... my internet is up and down, so I added stuff as I found it.